Foolish Gin Fizz

In 1888 Henry Charles Ramos of the Imperial Cabinet Saloon of New Orleans, invented this wonder of a drink. Originally it was known as the “New Orleans Fizz” or as Henry fondly referred to it the “One and Only One”. The creamy fluffy concoction was an instant hit, the Imperial Cabinet Saloon was soon heaving, with as many as 20 bartenders and “shaker boys” there to mix the drink. This… somewhat makes sense when some will tell you the drink needs to be shaken for a full 12 mins, which would require several bartenders in succession to shake.

By 1935, The Fairmont Hotel, New Orleans, purchased the rights to the drink from Henry’s son and trademarked it. The Fairmont Hotel began promoting the drink, and it’s popularity grew. The then governor of Louisiana, Huey P. Long was such a devotee of the drink that, in July 1935, he took one of The Fairmont’s bartenders to New York City so he may teach the bartenders at The New Yorker Hotel how to make the drink for his visits.

Henry said “the formula for the One and Only One, the Ramos Original Gin Fizz” should be made in “an airtight shaker and to shake and shake and shake until there is not a bubble left but the drink is smooth and snowy white and of the consistency of good rich milk. The secret of success lies in the good care you take and in your patience.

After his death, the recipe was published:

Ramos’ Original Gin Fizz
One tablespoonful powdered sugar
three or four drops of orange flower water
one-half lime (juice)
one-half lemon (juice)
one jigger Old Tom Gin
the white of one egg
one-half glass of crushed ice
about two tablespoons of rich milk or cream
A little seltzer water (about an ounce) to make it pungent
shaken well together and strained

While this recipe really does stand the test of time, there is always an argument over the inclusion of vanilla extract. Some say it’s the difference between Henry’s original recipe and what was published, his secret ingredient that made his drinks unable to be copied. Henry, our resident mixologist, thinks is adds to the drink, but would say it’s completely optional.

Foolish Gin Fizz

2 Shot (60ml) Foolish Gin
1/2 Shot (15ml) Fresh Lemon Juice
1/2 Shot (15ml) Fresh Lime Juice
3/4 Shot (22.5ml) Sugar Syrup (2:1)
4-5 Drops of Orange Blossom/Flower Water
2-3 Drops Vanilla Essence
1 Egg White
3/4 Shot (22.5ml) Single Cream

DRY SHAKE (Shake without ice) for 15-30 seconds.
SHAKE over ice.
FINE STRAIN and SERVE straight up in a chilled Collins glass.
TOP UP with chilled soda water.
GARNISH with a lemon twist and a sprig of mint.